The Home Buying Process

Construction Pathway 

KQH enjoys educating our buyers, and we understand that most people are curious about their new home while it is being built. However, we do ask you to abide by the following safety guidelines:


  • Make an appointment with the Job supervisor through Marcy Konter
  • Avoid visiting your home site while workers are present
  • Avoid visiting the site after dark
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Always wear sturdy shoes
  • Avoid bringing children to the job site

1Write a reservation

With a small deposit your homesite and base home price are locked in.

2Visit design center for orientation

A full demonstration of all available options and selections allows you to customize your dream home for final pricing.

3Sign contract and Pre construction orientation

A meeting with your new home specialist to review and execute the sales contract, followed by a meeting with Marcy Konter for a thorough explanation of what to expect of the construction process during the coming months.

4Plans, specs, permit, purchase orders, notification of change

Upon completing the contract and providing KQH with your approval letter. KQH production coordinator will produce blueprints, order the plot plan, and prepare the written specifications, and notification of change.

5Grading, clearing, layout, footing, inspection

After obtaing the necessary permit; Construction begins!! The homesite is prepped, the building footprint is marked, the footing is dug and steel reinforcement placed, KQH “footing quality control check sheet” completed, the municipal inspection is performed and the footing is poured.

6Block, slab, and inspection

The concrete perimeter stem wall is erected, select back fill put into place, slab plumbing installed, bearing wall footings are dug, termite treatment is applied, vapor barrier placed. KQH “slab quality control check sheet” is completed and the municipal inspection performed. Concrete slab is poured and finished.

7Frame, roughs, inspection

Your home is coming to life before your very eyes as the framing begins. Upon completion of framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough ins are installed. This is a very critical time as all of these items will eventually be hidden inside the walls of the home. A KQH "framing and rough in quality control check sheet" and municipal inspection round out this part of the process.

8Energy Star inspection, roof, exterior, Spray foam, drywall, sealing of home

Before any further construction can continue the home is now independently tested assuring that duck work and all penetrations are sealed appropriately to meet Energy Star requirements. The roof is completed and Iceynene spray foam applied to the roof deck. Fiberglass insulation is installed in the walls, and a municipal inspection is completed. Finally drywall is installed and finished, and most customers can truly "picture" the home.

9Interior finishing, trim, cabinets, tops, paint

All of your final selections are now incorporated into the home. This is when you know its not just a house, but a home built just for you!

10Walkways, driveways, flooring, landscaping, punchout

As we approach the end of construction these are some of the final items to be completed.

11Quality Control

Here is where KQH truly shines. A few days prior to your closing, the job supervisor, director of construction, and Jerry Konter himself created a final Quality control completion list. No item escapes scrutiny from a missing screw to a blemish on the wall Jerry Konter your builder is committed to delivering a zero defect home.

12Demonstration and closing

Closing day arrives! You will meet with Marcy Konter to participate in a final walk-through and complete demonstration of all features of your new home to ensure your complete satisfaction. Next its off to the attorneys office for closing and a final meeting with Jerry Konter for a complete explanation of your warranty and other important aspects of home ownership.

13Customer Care

Here is where KQH stands apart. No requirements for service requests, no mandatory service intervals, if you have a problem, it is as simple as lifting a phone, Marcy Konter is there for you! As an owner of the company Marcy Konter knows your problem is her problem.